The Prodigy Info

Release Date: 2019-02-07
Rating: G

Original title  : The Prodigy
Directed by  : Nicholas McCarthy
Written by  : Jeff Buhler
Starring  : Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, Colm Feore, Brittany Allen, Oluniké Adeliyi, Peter Mooney, David Kohlsmith, Martha Girvin
Popularity  : 5.17
Production company  : Vinson Films, XYZ Films
Distributed by  : Hong Kong, United States of America
Translations  : English, Dansk, Pусский, Deutsch, Português, עִבְרִית, Magyar
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The Prodigy Full Movie horror thriller film directed by Nicholas McCarthy. The Prodigy (2019) Online HD Free Download or Streaming available on United States on February 8, 2019 movie Review, Cast, Trailer and Release Date details available here.

Everybody knows Taylor Schilling, the heroine in the Netflix series “Orange Will be the New Black.” We realize less Taylor Schilling inside the register of horror. The upcoming release (hopefully) of “The Prodigy” should reveal the actress in a different style. She plays a role in the mother in the little Miles who seems likely possessed by the mysterious entity. The worldwide success in the Orange Will is the New Black series has had her heroine Piper for the fore. Taylor Schilling, the interpreter of Piper, is therefore offered a lot more film projects. One, The Prodigy, is born out the following month on American screens, the ability for people to express with you relating to this horror film still little known with us in the Atlantic.

Directed by Nicholas McCarthy, The Prodigy tells the storyline of Little Miles, a new prodigy with strange behavior. His mother Sarah takes her into a therapist and ultimately ends up believing which a supernatural force her child has. The plot is just not very original, remains to view how a subject will probably be treated. Jackson Robert Scott plays the little Miles, praised for playing the mythical character Georgie in Ça. Followed by can find the last poster in the film showing the young Miles cute, held by his mother, herself held by two mysterious hands… The tiny boy, dressed for the nines is similar to the little Damien of the movie The Curse of Richard Donner (1976). Remember, Damien was the only the Antichrist, to be able to conduct new evil!

Inside the trailer, the mention of The Curse is just not in doubt. It reveals that Miles has extraordinary intellectual abilities almost from birth. Maturing, he shows cruelty and becomes so weird which he scares his very own parents! Moreover, it would appear that the small boy comes with an attraction for dangerous objects which accidents are multiplying around him. The Prodigy is going to be released on February 8 within the United States. For the time being the release date in France is unknown. In a single, discover the scary trailer and don’t miss the final seconds that allow us to imagine a film full of jump scares!

” Suspiria ” and ” It ” are most likely the very best samples of the truth that a particular hype could be sparked through the targeted scattering of reports, how blatant a horror movie is. Whether it was the intention of “The Prodigy” director Nicholas McCarthy (“The Pact”) if he mentioned to Entertainment Weekly that his film had been re-edited just because a test audience screeched so loudly that this dialogue adopting the shocking scene naturally , cannot be said – but just a little curious causes this statement regardless. Will not even have a very long time until we can visit the cinema and look for when the horror movie with “Orange Maybe the New Black” star Taylor Schilling and Jackson Robert Scott (the little Georgie in “Es”) is the central character, is really so shocking: On February 8, 2019, “The Prodigy” namely namely now on.


Sarah (Taylor Schilling) and John ( Peter Mooney ) possess a special son: Miles (Jackson Robert Scott) is a prodigy, his intelligence and perceptions amaze your mother and father over and over. But since your child ages, the boy in a wrong way. Father, mother as well as doctors, are in a loss – and soon arrived at the outcome that Miles’ extraordinary abilities aren’t of the natural origin, but return to a dark electricity influences the boy.

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